Saturday, August 27, 2011

Getting Unstuck: Lifetime Member Returns to Weight Watchers

Kay at Weight Watchers, August 2011 

In one of my last blog posts I mentioned a plan to go back to Weight Watchers. Yesterday I did it!  I attended my first session in more than a year.  The subject was how to get unstuck.  Timely topic!  The scale has been stuck at the same weight for two weeks.

The leader mentioned that some people who’ve been on Weight Watchers for a long time no longer have a good gauge of how much they are eating.  Sounded suspiciously familiar.  So, I bought a food scale and today measured the amount of cheese I use on my favorite sandwich.  Wow, what a surprise.  I thought I’d been eating 1 ounce of cheese.  Instead I was eating 2.5 ounces.  Instead of the 100 calories I was counting, I was eating 250 calories.  No wonder I’m not losing weight!

Tip:  Weighing and measuring foods can give you a wake up call about how much you eat. What you’re eating is likely different than what you think!  Want another eye opener?  Then read Brian Wansink’s book Mindless Eating for a shock or two.  Even nutritionists had difficulty accurately estimating what they ate in his studies.

What tips do you have from your own personal experience about how to get unstuck with losing weight?

Yours in joy and health!


Kay and Session Leader, 2011


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