Saturday, August 6, 2011

Back from Provence: Getting Over Jet Lag

Today, I’m grateful for two nights of solid sleep.  Still everyday about 4:00 pm—BAM…exhaustion hits, and I feel like someone has just switched off the lights.  The timing is perfect because it happens at about 10:00 pm French time.  I conclude that it’s jetlag.

We returned from Provence on a hot Monday evening, at 101 degrees in Washington, DC.   Tuesday, when the effects of jetlag struck, I exercised on the elliptical machine in the gym downstairs at our condo.  Afterwards, I was more alert and surprised at my renewed energy.

Kay doing T'ai Chi, 2011 
On Wednesday the jetlag won.  I was just too tired to do anything in the afternoon but take a nap.  After a full night’s sleep I felt energized on Thursday until jetlag struck again.  This time I was determined to make it down to the gym instead of crawling off to bed.  Once more, after15 minutes on the elliptical, my focus sharpened. I felt completely transformed and invigorated. So I rode the exercise bike and did some T’ai Chi.  Could physical activity be a cure for jet lag?  Who knows.  But working out gave me just the boost I needed.

A local beer from Marseille, 2011
Apple Strudel, Prague 2011 
On the weight management front, I weighed in on Tuesday and indeed I gained four pounds on our two-month trip to France, Krakow, and Prague.  Ouch!  Even the times we shopped at the outdoor markets and ate in, shared a meal in a restaurant, and exercised (walks, hikes, and T’ai Chi), weren't enough.  We usually ate reasonable portions at meals.  Still, I had over indulged pure and simple at about 245 extra calories a day. Too much alcohol and desserts.  I can't drink a glass of wine or beer and a tart or pastry everyday without gaining weight.   If I keep this up, I’ll gain 24 pounds in a year.  Oh my.  It’s time to take action!  In my next blog post I’ll talk about how I plan to lose what I gained by the end of Labor Day weekend and another four pounds by mid October.

Yours in joy and health,


Lunch of Fresh Water Shrimp Salad in Gigondas, 2011 

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