Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Provence: Lavender Fields Forever

Lavender Festival, 2011
On Sunday, we joined the festivities in Valensole for the Fête de la Lavande (Lavender Festival) as we drove back from the mountain village Moustier Sainte Marie.  Turns out it was a Marché where everything sold was made from lavender or had a lavender theme.  Goods ranging from lavender soap to lavender jelly were on sale.  My favorite is the lavender honey that I like to eat as a dessert spread on whole grain bread.  We bought cookies flavored with lavender (sables) that tasted extraordinary.

Lavender fields near Valensole, 2011
Lavender Bouquets, 2011 
Young girl carrying lavender, 2011
Free lavender was available for the taking and the festival included displays of lavender distilling equipment along with claims that the traditional method is better.  We loved taking pictures of people in costume and the lavender fields around Valensole (about an hour north of Aix) where the aroma of lavender perfumed the air.

Now that we're in Prague, the search for a vegetable market tops today's agenda.  Vegetables are few and far between here.  We savored fresh local raspberries with yogurt this morning for breakfast that tasted like the kind my great aunt Elsie used to grow in her backyard.

What summer produce do you especially enjoy this time of year?

Yours in joy and health,


Traditional lavender distilling equipment, 2011 

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