Thursday, July 7, 2011

People in Krakow Find Their Joy

Klezmer Concert, Jewish Culture Festival
The streets are full of life in the Old Quarter of Krakow.  On every outing we marveled as street musicians, mimes, and others entertained the many passersby day and night.

So many concerts.  We picked three.  We attended a piano recital, Klezmer concert, and Polish Folk Show.  Pawel Motycyński, a young 22 year old Pianist, played pieces by Chopin, Liszt, and Mozart with technique to burn.   For more about Chopin Concerts in Krakow visit:

The rousing Roger Davidson Ensemble (made up mostly of Americans) played Klezmer music for an enthusiastic crowd at a concert, held in the Synagogua Tempel now used for special events. The concert was part of the Jewish Culture Festival held in Krakow, June 24 – July 3.  

A Polish Folk show featured a spirited and polished performance by a trumpeter, violinist, and accordion player who sang and accompanied two folk dancers who celebrated Polish traditions.  Jake loved participating in the dances.

How  do you like to kick up your heels and celebrate life?

Jake Folk Dancing  

Yours in joy and health!


Annual Celebration of 1287 Krakow Victory over the Tartar Invaders 

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