Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dinner at Home in Prague

Havelská Market, 2011

It’s raining right now.  Luckily we arrived back to our apartment from food shopping last night just as it began to pour.  We shopped for the first time at Tesco, a local supermarket three blocks away for meat and staples.  Earlier in the day we walked to the Havelská open market that sells fruits, vegetables, and souvenirs.  Everything looked so fresh and the cherries were humongous.  We left with arms laden with fruits and vegetables. 

Pan Grilled Chicken
Green Salad 
Last night for dinner, Jake grilled chicken with fresh garlic and thyme and made new potatoes in the microwave while I prepared a salad.  We each had a small piece of a simple cherry cake for dessert. We enjoyed the cake, and because it wasn’t super sweet we weren’t tempted to eat another piece. As David Kessler discussed in the book The End to Overeating, the food industry has hyper-loaded our foods with sugar, fat, and salt as a way to hyper-stimulate us to overeat. 

Living Room of our Apartment
Travel tip:  We’ve rented an apartment for a week in Prague.  We prefer this to staying in hotels when we travel.  Why?  We love to prepare some of our meals at home to save money, eat less, and enjoy our favorite foods. Smaller portion sizes to the rescue! We can spread out more in an apartment than with a hotel room, and it’s usually not much more expensive.  

Our apartment is so gorgeous that we want to move in for good.  Our one bedroom apartment in the Residence Karolina is modern, light, and quiet.  It’s located close to the National Theater and the Moldau (the Vltava) River in the Old Quarter.  I highly recommend a stay at the Residence Karolina in a beautifully renovated renaissance building if you’re coming to Prague.

I just finished doing T’ai Chi and am enjoying the afterglow feeling of peace.  We’re resting indoors today because of the rain. 

Municipal Hall, Prague 2011
Tonight we go to a concert at the Smetana Hall in the elaborately decorated Art Nouveau Municipal House.  The Prague Dvorak Symphony Orchestra will play pieces by Mozart, Liszt, and Dvorak.  They will play the New World Symphony by Dvorak which is one of my favorites.

What are you doing today to find your joy?

Yours in joy and health,



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