Sunday, July 10, 2011

Midnight in Paris and Finding Your Joy

Eiffel Tower, Paris 2011 
If you haven't already been to this film, Midnight  in Paris is a "must see" if you're a bit nostalgic and interested in finding your joy.  We so loved this film that we saw in Aix two nights ago in English at the Cinema Mazarin.  We now yearn for more time in Paris.  Like Gil Pender, played by Owen Wilson, I believe there's no place that's quite as magical.

Since the film came out in May, I'm not sure whether Minuit á Paris is still in the theaters.  Anne Hornaday, film critic of the Washington Post said that this Woody Allen fillm "provides a profiterole or two for thought."

Rotten Tomatoes is a good place to start for reviews of this thought provoking movie.

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