Friday, October 21, 2011

Clearing Away Negative Thinking to Help Fuel Weight Loss

Kay at Impact & Influence Intensive
I’m with about 300 people right now in San Diego who are taking the Impact and Influence Intensive with with Lisa Sasevich.  I’ve joined many other workshop participants in making a commitment not to complain, criticize, and gossip for the next 21 days.  I made this decision because I knew from past experience that negative thinking affects my well being and that of those around me. 

What does staying positive have to do with losing excess weight permanently?  It’s no secret that losing weight and keeping it off takes resilience and a focus on meeting cherished goals.  Carping and negative thinking is like throwing a wet blanket on the joy and motivation that are so vital for shedding excess weight permanently without giving up your life.

The idea for making this commitment came from The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, A Simple Guide to Unlimited Abundance a book by Edwene Gaines that Lisa Sasevich sent to each of the workshop participants as a gift to read before the workshop began on Thursday.  Thanks Lisa!  In the book, Gaines issued a 21 Day Challenge as part of a “life changing” process for learning how to set goals.

How about joining me in making a commitment not to complain, criticize, and gossip for the next 21 days?  Please let me know how it goes.

Yours in joy and health!



  1. It is amazing how your posts seem to hit on a problem I am having at just that time. I have been working out and watching my diet, that has included lots of changes, for 7 weeks now. I got on the scale this morning and had not lost one ounce. I'll be honest in saying I was really thinking some negative thoughts. It is hard not to when negative things come at you like that. Any advice?

  2. Hi Louise,

    Good for you for making a number of changes! No doubt, it takes determination, patience, and a long-term commitment to lose weight.

    If you were previously gaining weight, it may take a number of changes first to stabilize your weight and then some additional changes before you begin to lose.

    Two important steps are:

    1. Weigh, measure, and record EVERYTHING you eat and drink for several days. Most of us greatly UNDERESTIMATE the amount we eat. For most women, a good calorie target is 1200 calories a day.

    2. Build up to one hour of moderate physical activity a day to support your weight loss.

    So, give yourself setting a 6 month goal, realizing that small steps will add up.

    Yours in joy and health!


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