Sunday, June 26, 2011

Paris, A City For Walking, Biking, and Celebrating

Biking on the Boulevard de la Bastille

There are many reasons to love Paris (the food not so much this trip).  The areas of the city we’ve visited on this short five day visit are well built for walking and biking with wide sidewalks, paths, and two way bike lanes even on main boulevards.  Have you ever seen bikes for rent along the street by the hour?  We noticed Parisians making good use of all these amenities. 

Gay Pride Parade
We took advantage of how easy it is to get around on foot yesterday.  In the morning my husband Jake took a 30 minute run along the path at the Boulevard de la Bastille that he discovered when he looked for a good place to run.  I walked the same route a bit later and enjoyed snapping photos of fellow travelers. 

Building Near Rue Mouffetard
Midday, we walked to the Luxembourg Gardens from the Bastille, a good long walk.  We became entangled along the way in a huge Gay Pride Parade that snaked around the city.  We could see the Luxemburg Gardens just across the street yet the way was blocked by the boisterous parade that was full of celebration and protest against discrimination.  Instead we wound our way to the Rue Mouffetard in the Latin Quarter for a late lunch of salad and pizza.  Tous les jours (every day) we are reminded that Paris is a city of love.

Musicians in Paris Subway Station
Thank god Jake remembered the Ibuprofen we took for sore leg muscles. 

Today is another day.  We went to the Luxemburg Gardens, St. Sulpice Church for an organ concert, and to the Cluny Museum for a concert of medieval troubadour music (the music of love).  Everywhere people are playing music for tips.  The famous French Joie de vivre is in full force.

Do you know of cities in the US that are pedestrian friendly and make it easy to get around on foot or by bike? 

Mother and Son Skipping Together
Man using Bike Lane on Blvd de la Bastille

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