Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Good Night’s Sleep in France

Happy Resident at Maison Zen

You may have read about the connection between sleep and weight management.  I believe it!  I’m experiencing the cumulative effects of lack of sleep.  I’m off my stride and I know it.  My usual resolve to get about four hours of physical activity a week has vanished.  Last Tuesday evening was the annual  “Fête de la Musique” celebrated all across France.  In Aix the atmosphere felt like a Mardi Gras.   Carousing continued until about two AM and the garbage trucks scrapped up the empty bottles of wine and liquor from the streets at five in the morning, an unwelcome wake up call.

Maison Zen, Paris 2011
 When we arrived in Paris on Wednesday we finally got some quiet sleep.  We stayed in Studio 5 at the MaisonZen, a Zen Buddhist Center located in a quiet courtyard for five peaceful nights.  What a find!  Six of us chanted and meditated in the Dharma room on Saturday night (an hour for each).  A tranquil experience plus more sore leg muscles. 

Tip from this experience:  When booking lodging ask about the noise level and request a room facing an inner courtyard if you’re renting in a city.  How did I forget this?

Yours in health and joy,


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